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Eldrive is the leading charging stations operator in Bulgaria, with more than 500 charging points installed. We make EV charging easy: our smart platform manages the whole charging process and infrastructure, delivering  smooth experience for drivers and businesses.

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We believe that the future of mobility is electric. Our goal is clear from the beginning: to create a sustainable environment by making EV charging easy and bringing electric mobility to people’s daily lives.

Eldrive is developing charging stations network in main cities, highways, and country roads in Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania.

Eldrive was founded in 2015 in Bulgaria and now is the leading charging stations operator in the country with the largest public network. The company operates more than 500 charging points. In 2019 Eldrive and Shell Bulgaria signed a strategic partnership. Eldrive rolled-out fast chargers on 15 Shell locations at major highways in Bulgaria. 2020 was another significant year for us – Eldrive started operations in Romania and initiated a long-term partnership with OMV on both the Bulgarian and Romanian markets. The partnership envisages the installation of fast-charging stations on 30+ locations on both markets. In 2021 Eldrive continued to grow and expand its network, reaching more than 500 charging points. In 2022 we started operations in a third European market – Lithuania.


Eldrive has solutions for EV drivers, electrified corporate fleets, as well as location owners. Our smart platform connects and manages all key players in the electric vehicle ecosystem and provides services for the entire value chain.


We provide an integrated smart platform for charging electric vehicles with an easy payment function via mobile app or RFID tag. We provide a full-scale service – 24/7 monitoring, billing and reporting, technical support, and customer service. Eldrive tracks and takes care of the charging stations network remotely, making the latter highly reliable.

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Pay-as-you-go via our mobile app or RFID tag. You can order a tag through the mobile app.

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