General Terms and Conditions for using WWW.ELDRIVE.EU Platform

These General Terms and Conditions define the order and way of usage of provided by “Eldrive Charging” EAD, UIC 205175105 (hereinafter “Eldrive”), information services for users of website:  and regulate relations between “Eldrive Charging” EAD and each one of the registered and non-registered users of website services (hereinafter “Platform”).


І. General Terms and Conditions

Art.1. Users declare that by using the Platform they agree with the current General Terms and Conditions.

Art.2. Any change of current General Terms and Conditions do not require preliminary and explicit users’ notification.

Art.3. Users accept that are duly informed about any change in these General Terms and Conditions trough publishing of their latest updated version on the Platform.

Art.4. In any case of disagreement with these General Terms and Conditions or part of them, the user should not use the Platform.

Art.5. Relations between Eldrive and the users are regulated by the latest valid General Terms and Conditions version, published on the Platform.


  1. Services

Art.6.Eldrive internet page provides to the users the following services:

– Access to information resources of the Platform, mobile applications, offers for sale of goods, texts, databases, graphics, audio and video materials, news, photos, concepts and other.


IIIRights and Obligations of Users

Art.7. The user may browse the Platform, to use the Platform services solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, without coping, reproducing or publishing part of or the whole information system of the Platform.

Art.The user is obliged when using the Platform:

– not to post, send and transmit materials, which are in contradiction to decency, morality, internet ethics and legal regulations;

– not to put, send and transmit materials with computer viruses or any other computer codes, files or programs created to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of computer software, hardware or telecommunication equipment;

– to comply with the Bulgarian legislation, General Terms and Conditions, rules of Internet ethics, morality and decency;

– not to offend others reputation, other material or moral rights, including intellectual property rights.


  1. I Copyright

Art.9. All intellectual property rights on information resources (including, but not limited to trademarks, texts, pictures, database, graphics, and photos), materials, software programs and mobile applications, published on the Platform, belong to Eldrive, to a group company, its contractors and/ or other specified owners. Information resources are protected by the Copyright law and Related Rights, Trademarks and Geographical Indications Law and regulations for their implementation. Any unauthorized use constitutes an offense and will result in civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the Bulgarian Legislation.


  1. Advertisements

Art.10.(1) Eldrive keeps its right to publish on the Platform any type of marketing materials, including, but not limited to: links to websites or applications operated by third parties, banners and others, with no responsibility for their content, character or authenticity, as far as other obligation is not imputed by applicable Bulgarian Legislation.

(2) Eldrive is not responsible for any direct and indirect losses, lost profits or consequential damages caused to the user as a result of use of the above mentioned links to third party websites.


  1. Unsolicited messages

Art. 11. (1) Registered users explicitly agree that Eldrive has the right to send unsolicited commercial messages within the meaning of article 6 of Electronic Commerce Law.

(2) Registered users has the right to ask Eldrive to stop sending unsolicited messages by sending an email to Eldrive.





VII. Scope


Art.12. In case of providing services/ supply of goods by Eldrive, in respect of which other terms and conditions of the Platform have been accepted and announced, they will apply between the Parties in respect of the contracted specific terms, conditions and procedures.



Art.13. (1).Parties agree that:

–  In case of circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to: cases of force majeure, global network troubles, cases of interference or unauthorized access by third parties to Platform functioning, Eldrive will not be responsible for not providing services specified in art. 7 or for providing them with reduced quality;

– Eldrive will not be responsible for not providing the services specified in art.7 or for providing them with reduced quality in case of preventive maintenance and tests of connections, networks or software of the Platform;

–  Eldrive is not responsible for any user’s or third parties’  damages or lost profits arising as a result of termination, modification or limitation of the Services referred in art.7, deletion, loss or incompleteness of messages, materials or information, transmitted, recorded or available through the Platform.


  1. I Applicable Law

Art14. For all unresolved issues in these General Terms and Conditions the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation shall be applied.


                                            Х. Dispute Resolution

Art.15. Any disputes related to these General Terms and Conditions, which parties were unable to resolve through negotiations and mutual agreement shall be referred to the competent court of the City of Sofia.


Eldrive advices all users to check on a regular basis the Platform in order to be aware of the last updated version of these General Terms and Conditions.


These General Terms and Conditions are in force since 23.03.2017.