We grow faster when we work together

Leave us the hard work. We take care of the whole process – from the installation of the charging stations to servicing, monitoring, support and assistance of end-users.

Our integrated platform provides real-time dashboards, dynamic reports, and secure data processing, as well as information on all charging events.


Become part of the largest public charging network in Bulgaria

Receive immediate exposure to our car-sharing partner - SPARK

Boost your location's green image and diversify the transportation mix to your location for the benefit of your customers, visitors, and employees

The development of the charging infrastructure is all on us, without any costs on your end. Profit-sharing options, based on charging stations' utilization.

Basic criteria for becoming a partner

Existing infrastructure

Three phase power supply on an existing batch. Existing pipe network or other trace from the grid to the parking is desirable.

Grid capacity

Minimum 22 kW spare power for standard (AC) stations. 50+ kW spare power for fast-charging (DC) stations.

Parking lots

Minimum 2 spaces that can be designated for electric vehicles.

Open public access

To the parking and point of installation of the charging stations. CCTV is desirable.

Installation steps

Our technical experts make an on-site visit and prepare a statement for your location.

We take care of the installation and testing process of the charging stations.

The charging station/s are integrated to Eldrive's platform.

We take care of charging service provision to end-clients, as well as monitoring and maintenance of the stations.

Complete solutions

Receive special terms for fleet services, based on volume and charging analytics. Thanks to our integrated smart platform, you will also get easy to read, analytical reports, supporting cost-optimization. We will also provide you with 24/7 customer support.

Charging your electric vehicle on-the-go, or at home, has never been easier with Eldrive. After registering your account, you will have access to more than 450 public charging points in the country. If you need a solution for charging your electric vehicle at home, do not hesitate to get in touch with us or visit our e-store. If you have any questions, our customer support is available 24/7.

Eldrive offers, at preferential terms, charging packages for the benefit of customers of car dealerships and financing institutions. Include additional value to offers to customers who are interested in purchasing/leasing an EV. Bundled deals, including pre-paid charging in the largest national public network infrastructure, create a turn-key solution and fully-covered EV mobility experience for the end customer.

We will power your location with charging infrastructure with no financial or operational engagement on your end. Receive a tailored proposal for profit-sharing.

4.1. Fuel stations

Eldrive is constantly improving the inter-city e-mobility through installation of 50 tо 120+ kW DC charging stations. We are always looking for new strategic partnerships in this process.

4.2. Trade centers

Don’t miss the customers with electric vehicles. Provide your tenants and visitors with the opportunity to charge their electric vehicles, while enjoying themselves at the trade center or working.

4.3. Business clusters/buildings

Power your employees with the possibility to come to work with their electric vehicle and use the time there for charging. Boost your company’s green image and provide more transportation options.

4.4. Residential buildings

Bring e-mobility to the future residents of your building. We will offer you the best solutions in line with the capacity of your building.

4.5. Parking lots

Electric vehicle owners will prefer a parking lot, where they can charge their car. Make sure that you have designed special lots for electric vehicles, which are not used by conventional cars

Support your city’s sustainable and green image by bringing in town the possibility of charging electric vehicles and becoming part of the largest public charging network.

Become part of Eldrive's charging network

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